What is ExchangeVUE?

ExchangeVUE is the first of its kind subscription-based Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service dedicated exclusively for the enjoyment of US service members, DoD civilians and their families. 

XVUE brings you hit TV shows, blockbuster movies and live TV from your favorite networks back home with a one time purchase of a DHI Elements Set Top Box and channel package! 

How Can I Sign Up?

Go to www.exchangevue.com and register your account. Click "Sign Up". 

What do I Need to Watch ExchangeVUE?

  • Internet connection
  • ExchangeVUE account
  • DHI Elements Set Top Box
  • One time activation to link your STB to XVUE account
  • ExchangeVUE App for VUEing on the go!

Do I need a TV?

Just for activation. Once you have purchased DHI Elements STB, you will need a TV to link your XVUE account to the STB within 7 days of purchase. Ask a store associate for assistance and they will happily get you activated using a TV in the Mobile Store. 

Once you have activated, you can download the free ExchangeVUE App and watch from your favorite devices!

Do I need an antenna, satellite dish, receiver or decoder?

Just a DHI Elements Set Top Box!

Can I Watch ExchangeVUE Without an App?

Yes. You can watch XVUE using a TV and DHI Elements Set Top Box

How do I Get the Free ExchangeVUE App?

Download the app on your mobile device in the iOS App store or get it in the Google Play store.

On What Devices Can I Watch ExchangeVUE?

Watch ExchangeVUE on any TV connected to DHI Elements Set Top Box, smartphone or tablet with iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android operating system (Galaxy Note, HTC, etc.).

What it the Minimum Bandwidth Needed to Watch ExchangeVUE?

To watch ExchangeVUE, you need a minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps. ExchangeVUE is best experienced with DHI ULTRA+ Internet Plan. 

Which locations XVUE is available?

XVUE is available worldwide, even in the USA!  DHI Elements Set Top Box is currently only available at select locations, mostly contingency. Since ExchangeVUE requires DEERS authentication, even users outside of our main list of secure networks, can take the Set Top Box with them and watch premium content worldwide.